Elections 2020 – Preliminary Results – 02:00 AM

Elections 2020 – Preliminary Results – 02:00 AM

The polls have closed across Mongolia in the 2020 parliamentary election. The results are being updated at this moment as ballots being counted at the 2070 polling places throughout the country following the closure of the polls where Mongolians voted to elect a new parliament with 76-seats.

As of 12:30 AM, June 25, the ruling party of the current parliament – Mongolian People’s Party has won 63 seats or gained around 82 percent of total votes, with the current opposing party – Democratic Party gained 10 seats or around 14 percent of all votes cast.

The three remaining seats each has gone to an independent candidate N.Altankhuyag, former Prime Minister of Mongolia and former leader of the Democratic Party; S.Ganbaatar from ‘Our Coalition’ /Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party, Civil Will, Green Party, Mongolian Traditionally United Party/; and T.Dorjkhand from ‘Right Person Electorate Coalition’ /National Labor Party, Mongolian Social Democratic Party, Justice Party.

This is only preliminary results and the General Election Commission will announce the official final results by June 25 afternoon.

Voter turnout was reported to be at 73.64 percent on the national level. Specifically, out of 2,003,969 voters on the national electoral register, 1,476,475 have cast their votes.