Everyone wish to drive the bike/car/jeep/van to have awesome experience in Mongolia. One must have valid driving license to drive in Mongolia.

Process of Getting Driving License:

  • Copy of Passport and Visa
  • Copy of Mongolian ID Card
  • Copy of your country’s Identity Card
  • Copy of your country’s Driving License
  • Residence Address Proof in Mongolia (Get it from your Khoroo Office – Click here to know how)
  • Medical Certificate from District Hospital (6 months + is not valid) – Click here to know how

Any overseas documents issued from your country must be translated in Mongolian & duly notarized.

Getting Applied:

  • Prepare all the documents and get it ready
  • Visit a driving school whichever is nearby your home/office.
  • Go through the practice test from the driving school

How much does it cost to get a driving license in Mongolia ?

Normally driving school charges from 280,000 MNT (Approx 100 USD) based on our inquiry in August 2020. Pricing may go up which depends upon different driving school and type of language instructor

Driving Schools in Mongolia

  • Driving Schools in Ulaanbaatar
  • Driving Schools in Darkhan