Charted Flights from Mongolia – July 2020

Charted Flights from Mongolia – July 2020

According to the decision of the State Emergency Commission on June 18, five charter flights will be organized in the first half of July to repatriate citizens from abroad as follows:

  1. Seoul – July 02, 2020 – 2 Charter Flights (420 Passengers)
  2. Tokyo – July 05, 2020
  3. Seoul – July 07, 2020 – 2 Charter Flights
  4. Istanbul – July 09, 2020
  5. Seoul – July 15, 2020 (Transit)
  6. Seoul – July 20
  7. Tokyo – July 21
  8. Frankfurt – July 26 (Transit)

Moreover, 164 Mongolian nationals wishing to return from China will be repatriated shortly through the Zamyn-Uud border checkpoint, reported the Operative Staff of the State Emergency Commission.

Update July.01 :

Director General L.Munkhtushig emphasized that the schedule of these flights has been approved by the SEC in line with the capacity and sufficiency of the isolation facilities. “The capacity of isolation facilities has been increasing slightly and we are studying possibilities to conduct more flights. We have been repatriating our citizens from abroad not only by air but also by ground transport. In July, about 3000 people are expected to return by both air and ground transport.”

It is not yet clear whether the borders will be re-opened in August and the decision will be made by the SEC in compliance with the recommendations of the professional organizations