Green Gateway – Temporary Regulation from Aug.01

“Green Gateway”, a temporary regulation targeted to revive trade and economic cooperation and move large-scale projects and programs forward in a time of the pandemic, will come into effect from tomorrow, August 1, Head of Department of Neighboring Countries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs T.Battsetseg reported during the regular press briefing of the Ministry which held today, July 31.

With implementation of the temporary regulation, freight vehicle drivers will have greater access to enter Mongolian and Chinese border checkpoints than before. In addition to it, it enables engineering and technical workers of the two countries, who are required for largest cooperation projects and programs, to mutually travel in the two countries, Ms. T.Battsetseg highlighted in her briefing.

The temporary regulation also has articles targeted to making trading activities easier for Mongolian citizens and entities, promotng online trading as well as reducing time for customs clearance to export agricultural products, which are main export products of Mongolia.

A citizen who made a request to travel according to the “Green Gateway” regulation, will cross the country’s border after getting permission from corresponding organizations of the two countries and getting involved in COVID-19 test. After their passage through the border, they will follow relevant infection prevention rules of that country. Within it, citizens arrived in Mongolia from China will be put into 21+14-day mandatory isolation.

“In general, the regulation can be understood as bilateral joint effort for activating their trade and economic cooperation on the basis of well prevention from spread of the infectious disease and fully satisfying hygiene requirements as before,” Ms. T.Battsetseg remarked.

A total of 190 Chinese workers have submitted their requests so far to take part in large-scale projects such as development of Darkhan-Ulaanbaatar auto road and construction of new Central Wastewater Treatment Plant of Ulaanbaatar city.

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