Repatriation through Altanbulag and Zamiin-Uud border checkpoints

On August 6, the Operative Staff of the State Emergency Commission provided updates on timely issues.

According to Head of the Operative Staff, Colonel B.Uuganbayar, repatriation of Mongolian citizens will take place through Altanbulag border checkpoint on August 7-10 and through Zamyn-Uud border checkpoint on August 10-11, allowing Mongolians stranded in Russia and China to return home.

Since the beginning of this month, we have repatriated Mongolian nationals stranded in oversees countries on three-time charter flights. Specifically, 260 citizens have returned from the Republic of Korea, 253 citizens from the United States and 156 citizens from India. We have repatriated 669 citizens to their homeland in six days”, said Colonel B.Uuganbayar.